JELT's Seminars

Welcome to the first edition of "Jeltinars", organized by the Journal of Ethics and Legal Technologies (JELT - Padova University Press), with the patronage of the Department of Private Law and Critique of Law of the University of Padova and in collaboration with the Center of studies Noumenon. Thinking Lab for the Study and Understanding of Mind, Nature and Society.

This is the first cycle of webinars dedicated to a series of topical issues in which the relationships between law, ethics and new technologies are called into question in their multiple connections.

In line with the mission of JELT, the initiative promotes dialogue between different fields of knowledge and disciplines looking for  fertile intersection points for a deeper understanding of the human adventure in the third millennium.


Here you can find the video recording of the meetings (all in Italian language):

  1.  May 6, 2021: "Antiche e nuove vie della Seta" (“Old and new silk routes”)
  2.  May 13, 2021: "Operare l'esistente attraverso il linguaggio" (“Operating the existing through language”)
  3.  May 20, 2021: “Empowerment tecnologico e post-umanesimo” (“Technological Empowerment and Post-Humanism”)
  4.  June 3, 2021: “Diritto all’informazione – post-verità e controllo di razionalità” (“Right to information - post-truth and rationality control”)